David Enrique Duprat

David Enrique Duprat

Export Sales Manager

David Enrique Duprat

About Me

I am a 30 year old originally from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico currently living Miami, Florida USA. I love traveling and meeting new people


During the last 4 years working as the Export Sales Manager for the Reach Cooling Group, a manufacturer of Automotive Cooling Systems headquartered. Previously I worked as an Apartment locator in Atlanta, GA USA.

My Skills

Language Skills9/10


International Business 8/10


Sales & Marketing9/10


Leadership & Management 8/10


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Is there anybody out there?

What do I do?

I currently work at the Reach Cooling Group, a Miami based manufacturer of Automotive Cooling Systems, ie Radiators, Condensers & Intercoolers for both Automotive and Heavy Duty Applications.

As the Export Sales Manager, my duties are to handle the CSAC (Central, South America & Caribbean) as well as the Canadian Market.

Who am I?

An experience multilingual executive with outstanding client relations and problem solving skills. I have excellent leadership skills as well as the capacity for following, teaming, collaborating and training others. I perform well in a fast-paced environment and am very technology oriented with a very wide knowledge of most aspects of the I.T. world. My excellent oral and written communication skills work effectively in a multi-ethnic/cultural environment.


I am able to comfortably communicate in:

  • English - Native
  • Spanish - Native
  • French - Fluent
  • Portuguese - Proficient
  • Italian - Beginner

The combination of my ambition, sales experience, multi-lingual capabilities, interpersonal skills make for a well-rounded executive.

Earthrace Conservation

I am also involved with the Earthrace Conservation Organization , as their Director of Operations - Latin America.

Our Mission is to identify marine conservation issues, and intervene where and when necessary to protect and defend threatened marine ecosystems world-wide.

Through direct action and education, and by involving local communities, governments and businesses, it will encourage respect and guardianship of our oceans and all animals that depend on them. ECO will galvanize a global movement to speak out for the preservation of marine life everywhere.

Drop me a line

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I am always available, So don’t be shy, feel free to contact me regarding anything (almost).

(305) 915 7450
Mon - Fri, 9 am - 5 am (whenever)

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